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Version 0.x - 1.7 finished on January 2016

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    Glass Planner is a scheduling app for iPhone, featured as a 'Best new app' on App Store.

  • Work

    1. Alexandru I. - Senior Developer, Consultant

      Starting from a pre-release version (functional, but incomplete), I've brought the app to a release version, followed by periodic update releases containing fixes and/or new features.

      While most of the work was solitary, I've occasionally worked along with other developers, part of small teams.

      While on the project, I've worked on:

      • added and maintained sync with the iOS 'Calendar' events
      • added repeats functionality for events
      • implemented alerts for events
      • created custom interactive calendar control (used as a main part of the navigation)
      • added server registration/authentication (both client and server side api)
      • significantly improved performance with the database interaction and some critical functions
      • integrated various InApp purchases (initially non-consumable, later migrated to yearly subscription)
      • integrated color skins and font settings
      • added timezone support
      • various design changes: custom controls, some work for iPad support etc.
      • other functional changes
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