Consulting and development for:

  • Native iOS and MacOS applications

    • Develop specifications and ideas into fast and efficient applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX using Objective-C, C and C++
    • Integrate secure web-services with caching through CoreData, sqlite or files (images, plists etc.)
    • Create custom controls for a better user experience
    • Integrate in-app purchases, apple push notifications, ad services
    • Integrate maps and location services
    • Integrate access to iPhone/iPad camera and media
    • Integrate analytics and other third party frameworks and services
    • Assist or handle the release process to App Store
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  • Simple and medium websites

    • Develop static and dynamic websites using HTML/CSS and PHP along with other CMSs or frameworks
    • Integrate secure databases (mysql, PDO)
    • Create responsive designs (websites that work on multiple screen sizes)
    • Create backends for administrators to manage the website content
    • Optimize websites for search engines (SEO)
    • Use javascript and ajax for design purposes
    • Integrate analytics and other third party web-services
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  • 2D graphic designs

    • Design beautiful logos, icons and mockups for your projects
    • Create designs for different events (invitations, posters etc.)
    • Offer layered or spliced designs for the developers to work with and integrate easily
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